John Walford
Criminal Lawyer

John Walford

John Walford has vast experience in the criminal law. At 17 years age John joined the NSW Police Force and served for 20 years. During the course of his extensive career, John was a senior investigator and a qualified criminal analyst. During his career, John received awards for his performance within his duties as a NSW Police officer and attained a senior rank prior to his separation.

John extended his career in the criminal law area and after completing his legal studies he commenced a career with the New South Wales Department of Public Prosecution.

Over the next 15 years John developed extensive experience in the prosecution of serious criminal matters. Everything from conducting Criminal trials in the District Courts involving juries to the daily appearances in the Local Courts. This extended into the regional areas of New South Wales. John was a senior lawyer with the office of Department of Public Prosecutions until 2016 where he formed a partnership with Mr Martin Killen and opened the new legal offices of Penrith Criminal Law Centre.

With 75 years of combined experience in the area of criminal law at the highest level, Penrith Criminal Law Centre can provide not only excellent support and advice for your current legal issues but all your needs addressed in your time of trouble.

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