The introduction of ‘Skye’s Law’, makes it a criminal offence to fail to stop following a direction from police, then driving in a manner that is reckless or at a dangerous speed.

The offence of police pursuits in NSW is deemed extremely serious so therefore dealt with under the Crimes Act, and consists of the following;

  • You knew or ought to reasonably have known that the police are in pursuit of your vehicle and you are required to stop;

  • You do not stop;

  • You drive the vehicle recklessly at a dangerous speed.

The offence of police pursuit carries a maximum penalty of 2 years imprisonment in the Local Court. If the matter is heard in the District Court, then the maximum penalty is 3 years imprisonment in the case of a first offence and 5 years imprisonment in the case of second or subsequent occasion.

The automatic disqualification period for an offence of police pursuit is 3 years. The minimum period of disqualification is 12 months.

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